Turn the volume down on the YouTube speaker; watch the 'music' in them!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I think this is a BEAUTIFUL LADY! Do you notice she's not 'bone-thin' like a run-way model?

No, bone-thin isn't always healthy.

When you do think it's time for a little dessert - for yourself, and for your sweetie, then use the recipe (near the bottom of this 'blog'), that's not only yummy, but pretty healthy too!

Take time out to also do something creative and fun - for yourself and your family.

I built my photo-show; you can take a look at this (of course there's music included) - get out all those photos you love, and make 1, 2, 3 - or more - we all need to get away from the television set and create something of our own!

No commercials; make up a huge show and invite the family to join you!

If your family is spread all over the country, at least they can access these great pictures from their computer too!

Put up those incredible photos of your vacation. Add a show that includes all the photos of your class-mates; share - even your food!

Yes, order JUST ONE LARGE MEAL at that restaurant; put it in front of you - food for two just like 'tea for two'.

SHARE A SINGLE DESSERT - save calories and money.

SHARE THAT GLASS OF WINE - he drinks out of one side; you can tell your side - it's the one with the lipstick stain on it.

SHARE A HOT-FUDGE SUNDAE - remember when you only had so much money for that date - you shared; smiled, and listened to the juke-box. Ah, that might be why you got that single rose or carnation.

Here's my photo-show; make one of your own. http://www.photoshow.com/members/SIXTYFIVEALIVE/

Here's a juke-box for you; pick your own music: http://tropicalglen.com.