Turn the volume down on the YouTube speaker; watch the 'music' in them!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


With the price of gas nearing $4.00 in our 'neck of the woods', I figured it was all the more reason to utilize what I have at home, to 'work out' - as well as eat right; enjoy my music (it should be playing on your computer right now if your speakers are turned up).
Here's what I do:
First: Clean that beautiful home; dust and sweep your 'castle' - and as you dust, remember where you got those beautiful treasures.
Smile as your polish the gifts your children and friends have given you!
Get out and enjoy your garden; bending and stretching - ah, feel so good!
Don't fret when you shovel the drive; it means you've got a car - some don't.
Don't complain about it being cold; exercising in the cold burns a few more calories! Your cheeks will get rosey - your complexion will benefit from this outside air and exercise!
I use THE DOME for 'stepping on' - even trying to stand on that 'squishy' thing builds tone for your muscle.
Lift those canned vegetables; light weights at 'no cost'. Grab those big bottles of water - one in each hand; weights, and then drink at least one of those bottles dry after your exercise.
Run and up down the stairs of your home; great for your legs. Walk around your imediate area 10 times; keep close to home in case you run out of energy, and have to head for that nice reclining chair!
Get a medicine ball; pass it back and forth with your husband or sweetie - sharing this way means you both benefit.
Laugh; it's great for your complexion and your tummy!
Shut down the television; play some games - it takes more to 'think and do', then it does just to 'vegetate' in front of the t.v. (and you don't snack as often).
Walk over and visit your neighbor; take a little gift of FRIENDSHIP TEA - talk and spend happy times together. Walk back....more calories gone!
Here's the recipe for that TEA:
One jar of freeze-dried tea. Empty that into a great big container (you'll store this dry).
Use that empty jar to meausre out: Crystal-light lemon-flavored drink.
Use that same empty jar to meausre out: 1/4 cup of cinnamon (good for you - speeds the metabolism); 2 tablespoons of cloves.
Add one jar of: Tang.
Shake all of this up - then use about 3 tablespoons of this mixture for each 6 ounces of hot water. If you want it stronger, add more!
Run outside with your children after they get home from school; choose an active game for at least an hour.
If you're a grandmother like I am, head over to their house and play some active games. I love to play basketball with my grand-kids; take them for a walk down-town or by the Colorado River.
Bring everyone back home for a treat of good stuff: Vegetables with sour-cream or cottage-cheese tip. You can allow a treat if the candy is SUGAR-FREE (we get those chocolate mints that you often get after dinner in the restaurants).
Suck on a fire-ball jaw-breaker; man that will stop your hunger and it's only 20 calories. Watch out for the red tongue - don't eat more than 3 or you can actually burn your tongue like I did.
Put on some great music before you got to sleep - you need your rest to properly 'lose weight' - try for 6 hours anyway.
To make this easy for you, here's my play-list of restful music that I use: http://www.playlist.com/standalone/27611243.
Now read the rest of this blog - all my 'ideas' are here.
Use the links - you'll find TONS of ideas to help you as well.